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    Acıbadem Veneer


    Vaneer is a layer of materail placed over a tooth. Veneers can improve the aesthetics of a smile and protect the tooth’s surface from damage. 

    Porcelain / Cerec Laminate

    Porcelain veneers are often used to treat damaged and discolored teeth for a perfect smile. Veneers are made of durable and light- transmitting materials that are specially designed to achieve a dazzling smile.

    What are Porcelain Laminates?

    Porcelain Laminate are thin porcelain layers with thickness of 0.3-0.6 mm, applied to the anterior surfaces of the teeth.

    The most important advantages of these restorations are that they can be applied by removing a small amount of tissue from the teeth and that they can serve for a long time by binding to the enamel layer of the tooth very strongly

      Porcelain laminates are recommended for: 

    • Arrangement of intermittent, broken or perplexed teeth
    • Color and structure correction of broken fillings  
    • Completion of the missing tissue of the worn- out teeth
    • Changing the form of the teeth
    • For the treatment of severe discoloration of teeth

    Porcelain laminate is the safest and up-to-date treatment and are produced after the individual’s tooth impression. The treatment is completed within 1-2 sessions after laminates are adhered on the teeth.


    • It has high light transmission because it is produced in thin layers
    • Healthy, natural and aesthetic appearance is obtained at the end of the treatment
    • It is resistant to stain. The color does not change easily due to external factors such as tea, cigarette, coffee
    • It is made of durable materials.
    • There is no need to reduce the size of the teeth because it is made of thin layers of porcelain
    • It is highly resistant to abrasion
    Acıbadem Veneers

    Before & After

    Porcelain Luminates and Aesthetic Crowns (Smile Design,Hollywood Smile, Zirconium, Empress Crowns)

    Implant Supported Porcelain Crowns

    Day 1 : Attaching the Healing Cap and taking measurements

    Day 2: –

    Day 3:  base fitting

    Day 4:-

    Day 5: Delivery of the prosthesis

    Day 6: Control

    Making Only Teeth (White Aesthetics)

    Day 1: Preperation of teeth and making temporary teeth

    Day 2 base fitting

    Day 3:-

    Day 4: teeth bonding

    Day 5 control

    Arrangement of gums and teeth construction (Pink Aesthetics + White Aesthetics)

    Day 1: Editing the gums with laser

    Day 6: Preperation of teeth and making temporary teeth

    Day 7: Base fitting

    Day 8:-

    Day 9: Teeth bonding

    Day 10: Control

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    Health Point Offices

    International patients will be welcomed at our offices in airports and enjoy free wifi and famous Turkish tea while Acıbadem transfer vehicle is being prepared for them. Acıbadem Health Point team inform all our patients at the office about their journey in country and guides them about the process. Acıbadem is the only healthcare provider in Turkey that has welcome desks at both airports of Istanbul.
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    A representative of Acibadem will meet you at the airport upon your arrival and accompany you throughout all your medical transfers.
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    At Acıbadem Healthcare Group, we provide translation / interpretation services offering assistance in 20 languages.



    Acıbadem International Patient Center has negotiated discounted rates with a lot of hotels in the heart of the city.

    Frequently Asked Questions in Porcelain Laminate Treatment

    Porcelain laminate treatment applied by Aydinlar Dental specialist using professional equipment is completed in 1-2 sessions depending on the patient’s condition.

    The care of porcelain lamina veneer teeth is the same as the maintenance of normal teeth. No special maintenance required.

    No. After the bonding process using today’s high technologies, coatings are unlikely to fall.

    Porcelain veneers are very thin but high strength porcelain layers.  After bonding porcelain laminates to tooth, they gain more strength and stability. They are very long lasting restorations with correct maintenance of oral hygiene at home and regular dental visits.  There is no time limitation for the duration in the mouth unless the laminate has poor gum adaption in years or gum recession. They last at least 15 years. But of course there are exceptions like heavily bruxism, accidents, sport injuries that could cause a break, crack, or other type of damage to your veneers

    You can eat and bite like your natural teeth and  continue your routine diet,  including apples.Like the strongest natural tooth, with the wrong kind of force or pressure, a veneer can be broken. However, veneers are so durable that breakage is not a common occurrence. Your personal habits will affect the longevity of your veneers. If you regularly use your teeth as a tool – opening a package or a bottle, for example – then it is absolutely possible that you could compromise the integrity of the veneers and damage them.

    Porcelain laminates are not painful treatments. They are minimally invasive  treatments. The tooth preparation dept  is less than 1 mm and sometimes prepless. Very rarely,  sensitivity during the treatment period can be experienced with the temporaries. After laminates are glued to the tooth, they become the piece of your tooth.

    Brushing at least twice a day (morning-evening) and flossing or  using proximal brushes are important for daily oral hygiene to remove bacteria and food Particles.  Every six months proffesional cleaning and scalimg are recommended to prevent gum imflamation and decaying near porcelain laminate margins.